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  • autor: DAVID A. KARP
  • número de páginas: 618
  • lengua: INGLÉS
  • editorial: O REILLY & ASSOCIATES
  • encuadernacion: Tapa blanda
  • año: 2002



This compact and comprehensive book systematically unveils what resolute users of the new Windows XP operating system will find interesting and useful, with little-known details, utility programs, and configuration settings all captured in a consistent reference format. A hands-on guide, Windows XP in a Nutshell cuts through the hype and gives practical details you can use every day. It's written by David A. Karp, the best-selling author whose no-nonsense “Annoyances” books and web site (Annoyances.org) have helped thousands of users solve problems and improve their experience with Windows®. The co-author is none other than Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly & Associates, whose books have revolutionized computer book publishing with their commonsense approach and depth of detail. At the heart of the book is a 200-plus-page reference section titled "Windows XP Applications and Tools," containing: Detailed information on most of the commands and utilities available with Windows XP, including Start Menu accessories, command prompt tools, hidden system administration utilities such as the Registry Editor, Microsoft Management Console, and TweakUI. A comprehensive "Where to Find It?" section designed to give Windows 9x/Me and Windows NT/2000 users a guide to the XP counterparts to previously familiar features, plus information on installing and upgrading. The Task and Setting Index, which provides users with quick access to locations of the hundreds of settings in Windows XP, organized alphabetically. A complete reference to the command prompt— not only covering the basics of the commandline and the different ways to use it, but also the advanced commands and scripting features at Windows XP's disposal. Packed with numerous tips and tricks, while warning of potential pitfalls, Windows XP in a Nutshell enables anyone to get the most out of all the resources available in XP.

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